Structural Design

Structural Design

Ossaz has a multi-purpose structural engineer.  Its extensive range of features make it suitable for anything from beams, trusses, and frames to buildings, towers, tanks, cable structures, and bridge.

The Design Process Involves Multiple Considerations Which is Safety, Serviceability, Esthetic, Environmental, Economic. Professional Involved in the Design Process is Mainly Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Construction Manager; Architects; Building Official; Owner; Developers.

The newer approach of design is called the strength design in reinforced concrete literature and plastic design in steel-design literature. The anticipated service loading is first multiplied by a suitable load factor, the magnitude of which depends upon the uncertainty of the loading, the possibility of it changing during the life of the structure and for a combination of loadings, the likelihood, frequency, and duration of the particular combination.

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The structural design of any structure first involves establishing the loading and other design conditions,
which must be supported by the structure and therefore must be considered in its design. The design of any structure requires many detailed computations. Some of these are of a routine nature. An example is the computation of allowable bending moments for standard-sized, species and grades of dimension timber.

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