MEP Building Services

MEP Building Services

Our Design approach calibrates the Functional aspect along with the Innovative aesthetic concepts.

We embrace the latest technologies to improve performance and sustainability. Using advanced modeling techniques we can analyze the building envelope and its floor layouts. The systems we specify on your behalf are then integrated into the building fabric, to create functional internal spaces and balanced, controllable conditions.

Our design approach to your brief is at once innovative and integrated. Our engineers with diverse skills and extensive domain expertise create MEPF BIM models and validate these models for constructability, performance, and maintenance of the building. Our MEP design validation services provide sustainable solutions for projects across industries such as Hospitals, Commercials Buildings, Industrial, and others.

Good MEP design carried out together with the various stakeholders of any project is essential to ensure projects operate properly and in the way the Client intended throughout the project lifetime.

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Our global team brings deep experience on projects from around the world, where climates, codes, and standards can vary substantially. Given the significant proportional cost of a project, building services require significant planning, in order to be delivered on time and on budget.

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